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Tiny Chat – Create your own disposable chat room instantly!!

By Ricky on July 26th, 2009 

tinychatHave you ever wanted to have a group chat multiple people but cannot because not everyone uses the same messenger? if yes, you are in luck. Tiny Chat can solve your problem.

Tiny Chat is a free service that allows users to create their own chat room instantly. There is even no need for any registration and anyone with an internet connection and a browser can use it.

All you have to do if go to and "Click to Create your Chatroom" button. After that u will be given a URL. All you have to do is share that URL with whoever you want to invite to the chat room. Its as simple as that!! No more worry about who has what messenger!!

However remember that your chat data is gone once you get out of the chat room and cannot be recovered.

You may find the Tiny Chat Blog interesting too.

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