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Top 10 Business Travel Mobile Apps (Android / iPhone iOS)

By Debjit on May 10th, 2015 

Are you searching for the top business apps available to download? The apps mentioned below can help boost productivity, save time and ensure you at least begin a stress free journey. Smartphones have definitely made it easier for business travellers to organise themselves. So just what are the top apps you should be investing in?


Sometimes you may need to rely upon public transport when you arrive at your chosen destination. The trouble is, public transport can be a nightmare to understand in your home town, never mind somewhere you’ve never been before! That is where AllSubway comes in useful. It features 151 maps and six different continents. You can zoom in and scroll around the maps if you need to. They are even available offline which means if you lose connection, you’ll still be able to see where you should be going.


Many business travellers get to their destination via an aeroplane. Booking the right seat is essential if you want to have the most enjoyable journey. This app will tell you which seats are next to windows, how much legroom they offer and whether or not they recline. It can also show you which seats are located next to an AC power adapter.


Finding the best places to eat in a different country can be a nightmare. Picksie enables you to find the best place to eat or drink according to your location and preferences. It actually uses your search history to see what your preferences could be.


One thing that you should be concerned with when you’re travelling is your phones security. As you’d be lost without it, you need to make sure it’s well protected. Lookout can track your phone, wipe the device if you lose it and protect it from security threats. It really is a must have app when you travel!


With Evernote you can take notes, make voice recordings and upload pictures you might need. This app aims to boost your productivity. It syncs everything which makes it easy to take your office with you when you travel.


If you are visiting a different country, you may need to pick up little bits of the local language. TripLingo can help with basic phrases. It supports a wide range of languages and you can also choose whether you need a formal or informal language.

Taxi Magic

Taxi Magic lets you cut out the dispatcher and call a ride directly from your mobile. This app can track the taxi and time how long it takes to get to you. You can pay via a credit card using the app and this will give you an e-receipt – perfect for expenses!


Whatever you need to know about your trip, TripIt has the answer. It can show you flight times, hotel booking reference numbers and anything else related to your bookings for the journey. What’s more, this information can be shared with others too.

Packing Pro

Never forget anything again when you pack for your future business trips. Packing Pro helps you to keep organised lists of what you need. It can even put together automated lists of what it thinks you might need after you have input your travel details. This is one clever app that every business traveller needs.


One you have booked your flight, it’s a good idea to keep track of it. That way you’ll know in advance if there are any problems or cancellations. You will receive regular updates about any changes to your chosen flight no matter where you are. It is able to cover over 3,000 airports and 1,400 different airlines.


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