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9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps (Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone)

By Debjit on March 14th, 2013 

Video chat apps are becoming increasingly popular. Many people use these types of chat for business purposes and for catching up with family and friends. Tablets and Smart phones that are equipped with the ability to engage in video chat can be used as an alternative to video conferencing software.

The perks and benefits to video chat apps are practically endless. There is a lot of competition in the world of video chat software. You have plenty of options to choose from. The following is a list of the most popular video chat apps that you should be utilizing to your advantage.

1. Apple’s Face Time – Face Time is by far the most popular video chat service available. The perks of Face Time are numerous. If you are an owner of an Apple product you are probably familiar with this service. Face Time is completely free and is full of fantastic features.

2. Skype – Skype is extremely popular. This video chat service has a boat load of features that can come in very handy regardless of whether used for business or personal use. Skype offers both free service packages as well as paid service packages that have extra perks.

3. Fring – Fring is completely free and can allow users to chat with up to four people at once. This is a great option for businesses. Users can also call other Fring account holders for free. Video chat option for iPad and Android devices available.

4. Fuze Meeting – Fuze Meeting was created by Call Wave. Live video can be streamed during a video chat with this kick butt software. Keynote and PowerPoint presentations can easily be added so you can share files with family, friends, and associates. The features included with this software are endless. Users are not left disappointed with this video chat service.

5. Google Talk – Android users everywhere are raving about Google Talk. This video chat service allows you to start a hangout with your contacts. The Google Talk features are handy to have and it can be downloaded for free.

6. oooVoo – This Android video chat service does not leave a lot to be desired. The features included in this awesome service are truly a force to be reckoned with. This completely free video chat service can help keep you connected with family, friends, and business associates. This service can be used on both the iPad and the iPhone. Free group video chats with up to six people can be enjoyed with oooVoo. This is the perfect feature for business owners.

7. Tango Video Calls – Tango Video Calls for Androids is a great video chat service for many reasons. It is completely free and can be used on a variety of devices. Group video messaging, quick account setup, and a variety of free features make this video chat service one of the best.

8. vTok – This Google creation has the ability to meet your needs and surpass your expectations easily. There is not an account setup process with this service. You simply need to login with your Gmail credentials. Video chat can be enabled and disable during a call without issue. Users have the ability to choose either the front or back camera of their device for video chatting. This video chat service provides a long list of benefits that you should be taking advantage of.

9. T Mobile Video Chat – This video chat service has a ton of features that will tickle you pink. It is jam packed full of features and  awesome abilities. It can keep you up to date with social media sites and so much more.

Author Bio: Michael Clark has written this amazing post. From past 5 years he is in the field of freelance writing and guest posting. He also enjoys chatting and rounds video chat with his friends at his leisure.


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