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Top 4 reasons to move your ERP into cloud

By Debjit on October 24th, 2012 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is an essential value for every company that uses it for their business needs. You can use this software to manage the entire business process. But this is not a single software; it is rather the combination of all the software within the company.

This means that there is a software for production, one for management, one for sales etc… and all these software’s put together are forming what we call ERP software. Now that we know what the ERP is we will check why it should be a good idea to move your ERP into the Cloud. (Want to know more about the Cloud? Read this→)

1.    The very main goal of the ERP is to centralize all the information and software’s needed to run the company. Using a cloud based ERP as an option is becoming increasingly popular and high on demand since it is adding another benefit to ERP.

If the ERP is cloud based, all of the workers will be able to use and connect with the company no matter where they are. You can use complete set of software’s to increase the revenues and take the customer relationship to a higher level.

2.  Cutting down the costs is one of the major reasons why companies are going toward clouds. Imagine a mid size or large enterprise with thousands of employees.

Every employee needs software, every employee needs a PC, all those PCs need a huge server etc… Switching to ERP cloud computing can make a difference whether the company is going to survive the troublesome times or not. This is the investment that can save you a lot of money on the long run.

3.  Free (or almost free), cloud based, ERP options for Small and Mid-sized companies may just be the best solution if you are wondering which way to go. This can also be the reason of all the reasons. Basically the company gets quality delivered without needing to invest huge amounts of money in expensive software and hardware. Some of the most popular ERP clouds are:

  • myERP, available at Google market place is a perfect solution if you’re a one man show. It is free for a one person and it has to be payed for if you want to connect with more people.
  • RunMyProces is something completely different and bigger (for more advanced users) and it basically connects hundreds of different apps (such as Google Apps, ORACLE CRM, Salesforce, MailChimp…) at one place. It has thousands of option and all this is in the cloud. There is no need to invest in hardware or software.
  • Microsoft Dynamics- Now here is the solution for big players. If you dreamt about working with Bill Gates this could be a good start. Well, you won’t work with him of course but your support will be the Microsoft employees. Pretty nice especially if you have in mind that Microsoft invests more than 2 billion dollars in clouds every year.

Furthermore, you can visit Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace and simply choose which application to add to your cloud. Like this you are able to suit the cloud according to your needs. No need to invest in something you won’t use.

4.   The last reason on the list but as important as the previous ones is the fact that you can connect all the parts of the company no matter where those subsidiaries are located. If the company is Paris based and it needs to conquer the British market (for example) the company won’t need to invest in new software/hardware since it is already connected to the cloud based ERP. You can add as much users as you need and no matter where those users are, they will take the information from the cloud.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips, husband and father of two cute babies, is a freelance writer and a guest blogger. His articles on erp hosting help him in gaining popularity as a guest blogger.Whenever free, loves to do horse riding.


Top 4 reasons to move your ERP into cloud was originally published on on October 17, 2012 - 11:40 pm (Indian Standard Time)