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Top 8 Cloud-Based UX Design Tools Online in 2013 for UX designers

By Debjit on May 18th, 2013 

Ok, so you want some cloud based UX design tools, and the local convenience store is out. You order them online, and Amazon doesn’t have the flavor you want. Of course, I am oversimplifying, but the bottom line is this: You need to design a user experience from ground up; this includes the physical interaction, the graphics, the interface, and the manual for your product.

Textify Cloud Based UX

Textify Cloud Based UX

You need a design platform that allows you to interact and collaborate with other workers, sometimes across the globe. This is especially important if you are generating a UX with multiple language files (as most do now). There are nuances and translations that should go smoothly across cultures and languages alike. Finally, you can show beta versions to your customers, all without having a physical meeting that we all fall asleep in anyway. Here are some UX design tools to look for in 2013.


It works with Photoshop, Fireworks, and Adobe Illustrator. You can get instant feedback instead of sifting through countless emails looking for resolution. The entire team can view, review, and leave collaborative feedback even in real time. You can even make a live demo for people to view right there within the site.


A collaborative multiplex of tools, visual interactions, and super user friendly GUI, and a drag and drop interface will blow your developer socks off. Upload and review files right there for instant gratification. Hey, you can get the Advertisers involved as well.


Solidify is a tool that allows you to collaborate, create clickable prototypes, and such, but this one is specifically designed for end user testing and compatibility. The tool gives you valuable reports on what areas of the app people click, how fast, and provides you insights as to why.


Sketch style for simplistic use, the UI is actually pretty heavy handed and a little daunting. Instead of a sandbox, you get a playground (cute), but other than that, the real deal is the price: $19/month for the professional package.


Helps you collaborate with clients and coworkers alike, but this online app has a page called Screenfly, which allows you to see any website as it would appear on several popular tablets, mobile phones, and websites of various sizes. It allows you to adjust your app right there instead of rendering and waiting.


UXpin allows everyone, and I mean everyone – to get involved in the process. The design process has been simplified for end users to easily adapt. UxPin has a chat feature as do most, but this one has a history log so you can see what was discussed in the heat of the moment. Shareable Previews allow you to tweet or post your URL anywhere., or just Proto, allows you to test your prototype on your mobile device if you want true interaction, or it has a prototype sandbox for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, even smart TV’s. This particular app also allows you to heavily focus on gestures, touch points, and animations as well – a feature we all know is critical.

POP – Prototyping on Paper

This cool application allows you to photograph your sketches and import them. You can adjust the contrast and balance to make it appear just right. Currently only for iOS, an Android version is coming soon.

With all the various options available to you depending on what you need, how you need it, and who you need to do it with, these cloud based UX design tools will meet your needs. The best part about most of these is that the price won’t break your budget.


Top 8 Cloud-Based UX Design Tools Online in 2013 for UX designers was originally published on on May 18, 2013 - 4:56 pm (Indian Standard Time)