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Top 5 Must Install Free Shopify Ecommerce Plugins

By Debjit on March 31st, 2014 

Shopify lets you create your own store online without even having to hire a web development company or a digital marketing agency. You can simply sign up on the website, define your store parameters, pay the service fees and in no matter of time you can take your online store live and start making money by selling your products.

Shopify Logo

Shopify Logo

However, the problem with Shopify is it still lacks some of the really essential features that can give you that extra edge over your competitors. Since these features might vary from show owner to shop owner depending upon the type of product being sold. This is why Shopify came up with an app-store where developers could could publish their plugins and extensions to give you these additional features for your Shopify stores.

In this article we will tell you about 5 free and must install plugins / extensions for your Shopify ecommerce store:

Yotpos Social Reviews

Using this plugin you can allow your cutomers to leave comments and reviews about any product after they purchase it from your online store. Reviews are useful for your future customers and this in turn gives the customers more confidence about the purchase they are bout to make.

Plugin SEO

You have to remember always that if you are running an online store then Search Engine optimisation should be one of your utmost priorities. You may ask why? Well, here is the reason when someone searches Google for one of the products that you sell, then you can possible make a sale only if your online store comes well at top in the search results. This plugin will basically help you identify the shortcomings of your shopify site when it comes search engine rankings and results.

Email Template Creator

This app lets you design beautiful e-mails for your customers. When you run an e-commerce portal, you will have to communicate with your client on a number of occasions like when you have to notify your customers about their successful purchases, failed payments, new releases, product updates, discounts etc. If you make these mails beautiful to look and easy to read, your customers will obviously find all this impressive and might come back again for another purchase.

ShopPad - iPad Version of your Shopify Store

Using this app you can create a web-based version of your Shopify online store. It has been proved that people browsing for products online using devices like the iPad are more expected to make a purchase than anyone else. So, why not provide your customers with a tablet version of your store for free.


Using this app you can easily create a tab for your Facebook pages and show case your Shopify store products right on your Facebook page. Thus users can easily make their purchases and decisions on your Facebook page.

No doubt that ecommerce business website hosting creators like Shopify have made the life easy for so many businesses letting them sell online in addition to their offline sales. In addition to these community plugins and add-ons are also helping Shopify store owners to further improvise their businesses online.


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