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Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out [Book Review]

By Debjit on November 14th, 2010 

Windows 7 is a vast operating system and has plethora of features which can make our lives easier. However the vastness of it is in itself a daunting task to know about these awesome features in Windows 7 and how to use them. At times you tend to over tweak certain settings and end up breaking your system which calls for a technician to fix the issue.

Windows 7 Pack

Well no more. With the "Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out" book, you can jump into the shoes of a technician and fix many Windows 7 problems on your own without much digging.

"Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out" has been authored by Mike Halsey, the same author who wrote Windows 7 Power Users Guide. If you liked this book, then I am pretty sure, you will like "Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out" too.

The entire book has been divided into 5 parts - Prevention, Quick fixes, Tech fixes, Disaster recovery and Power utilities. Going by the flow of the language, it's written in simple, easy to understand english which makes it really easy for you to understand the matter in no time at all.

Book Cover - Troubleshooting Windows 7 [Inside Out]

Book Cover - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out

The first part deals with certain things you should do on your Windows 7 system in order to prevent any possible damage that can occur. In this part you learn a lot about basic Windows 7 utilities & security, backup & restore and general maintenance.

Part two and Part three tell you about Quick Fixes as well as Technical fixes which can help you fix your broken Windows 7 system easily. The author talks in detail about how you can identify the Source of a problem on Windows 7 and  apply advanced repair methods. You also get to know about Remote Help - a cool feature using which you can ask your expert friends to connect remotely to your computers and fix issues, if any.

The last two parts of the book take you through disaster recovery using various data recovery tools and a lot of power utilities which can get your things done fast! The book ends with an appendix of various Windows 7 editions available in the market, their features and some Windows 7 Shortcut keys.


Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out [Book Review] was originally published on on November 14, 2010 - 2:14 pm (Indian Standard Time)