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TumblrMaps generates XML sitemaps for your Tumblr blog, gets more google traffic

By Debjit on June 24th, 2009 

tumblrmaps-logoIf you are a blogger who uses the Tumblr platform for blogging, then you have a very good chance of driving more traffic to your blog from all search engines. TumblrMaps is a new service that generates an XML sitemap for your Tumblr blog. An XML sitemap, when submitted to a search engine, makes it very easy for the search engine to navigate through your website and thus index your website in a better way. Using TumblrMaps is very easy. All you need is the email and the password you use to log into your Tumblr account.

You are not required to create any account with TumblrMaps. All you need to do is enter your Tumblr credentials on TumblrMaps. Since this service uses theĀ  Tumblr API, you are authenticated using details from Tumblr website. The XML sitemaps are generated as per the Google Webmaster Tools APIs. After your credentials are verified, you are required to choose the tumblelog whose sitemap is to be made. After your sitemap is generated you are provided with instructions to submit the same to Google and/or other search engines.

Some salient features of this service are it automatically rebuilds your sitemaps twice a day. The service is fast to setup and easy to use. Other options such as on-request rebuild and on-request google ping are also available. You are also provided with up-to-date google stats per sitemap.


TumblrMaps generates XML sitemaps for your Tumblr blog, gets more google traffic was originally published on on June 24, 2009 - 6:56 am (Indian Standard Time)