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Twitter May Start Selling Followers [Rumor]

By Ricky on July 11th, 2010 

According to sources at All Things Digital, Twitter is exploring another revenue stream - "Promoted Twitter". According to this, Twitter will promote specific user accounts, to increase its exposure and to eventually increase the follower count, for a price. As of now it is not known if Twitter will charge according to the followers gained or the amount of exposure provided.

The idea of "Promoted Twitter" is roughly an extension of the idea of "Promoted Tweets" which Twitter has already implemented. However, this is much more complex and still has many unanswered questions. One questions that everyone would be asking is - "How much is the value of a Twitter follower?". And there are also the questions of how it will be charged as we have said before. Another question is "Will people actually pay to get more followers?" I do not know about you but to me paying to get more followers seem lame.

At this stage, Twitter will not reveal anything regarding this. This is what Twitter Spokesperson, Sean Garrett, wrote:

We will eventually have full suites of both promoted and commercial products. All the components of these two buckets of product have yet to be determined. Some are currently being tested publicly now. Some will be tested soon. Some are just ideas that we are broaching externally for feedback

If Twitter actually brings out this feature, will you ever consider buying followers?

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Twitter May Start Selling Followers [Rumor] was originally published on on July 11, 2010 - 8:53 pm (Indian Standard Time)