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What HTML5 has to offer?

By Debjit on November 27th, 2010 

html5 logo courtesy: monkey_bitesHTML 5 is a new version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML 5 draft specification defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of Web Applications, an area previously not adequately covered by HTML. Let us now see what all improvements can be expected when HTML5 is finally out.

New elements and attributes that reflect typical usage on modern Web sites. Some of them are technically similar to div and span tags, but have a semantic meaning, for example (website navigation block) and ease for the physically handicapped.

New APIs  such as the canvas tag for immediate mode 2D drawing, timed media playback for facilitating online presentations without the use of third party tools, Offline storage - essentially, HTML 5 offers a standardized way for the browser to do what the Gears plug-in does today, but without the plug-in, editing, drag-and-drop, messaging/networking and more. Google has already demonstrated the use of HTML5`s offline feature in their GMail offline for mobile.
Better error handling. An HTML 5 (text/html) browser will be flexible in handling incorrect syntax, in contrast to the XHTML variant of HTML 5, where such errors must not be ignored. HTML 5 is designed so that old HTML 4 browsers can safely ignore new HTML 5 constructs.

Insertion sound and video in webpages with the audio and video elements. Formats which will have native support include Ogg formats Vorbis and Theora.

You can try these links for further information on HTML5.

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