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Windows 7 Power Users Guide (3 Free Copies for our Readers)

By Debjit on October 2nd, 2009 

Windows-7-PUG-coverWindows 7 - the latest OS from Microsoft - has already won millions of hearts, thanks to the release candidates launched by Microsoft. Windows 7 packs in some of the most innovative features that makes users more productive in terms of getting work done using the OS. The Windows 7 Power Users Guide is just what you should be reading in order to get the most out of Windows 7. (We have three copies to give away to our readers for free)

The book - Windows 7 Power Users Guide has been divided into 16 parts which cover everything from installing Windows to finding your way around, keeping yourself and your PC safe and secure, and diagnosing and repairing problems. There also many quick and smart tips on almost every page.

The chapters in the book mainly deal with installing, exploring, working, searching, connecting, securing, configuring, playing, communicating, guaranteeing, maintaining, diagnosing, tweaking and upgrading Windows 7. In addition to these 16 chapters, the book also contains 8 glossaries and 13 Step-by-Step guides on getting started with Microsoft Office 2010 due out next spring.

Quick tips and Colourful illustrations

Quick tips and Colourful illustrations

Coming to the language and illustrations, this is somewhere the book again stands unbeatable. The book has been written in such lucid English that even a school going child will easily make his way through this book to become a Windows 7 power user. The book comes from the author of the bestselling "Windows Vista Power Users Guide" who has done IT support for years and actually knows where users face the problems and how to deal with them.

The book is available in both PDF and Paperback versions. The Paperback sells for US $56.17 and the PDF sells for US $5.60. You can make your purchases at

Free Giveaway for Windows 7 Power Users Guide

We have 3 copies of the book which we would like to give away to our readers absolutely free of any charge. (Thanks Mike Halsey). For this all you need to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] with your Name and a few lines on a windows trick that you may think will be of some help to others. We will then give away these 3 copies to the best 3 entries. More the number of mails you send, the more you stand the chance of winning this book. So Hurry!


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