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Should You really upgrade to Windows 7 ? Five reasons to stick to Windows XP

By Debjit on February 18th, 2010 

We have already seen a lot of help and discussions online that talk about upgrading to the latest offering from Microsoft - The Windows Seven. There has been a mixed opinion all over the web about the switch in Windows 7. Some feel Windows 7 really got something while other opine about Windows XP being still the best. In this article we will tell you about five reasons according to which we feel, the switch to Windows 7 from Windows XP is actually not necessary for time being.

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

According to a report from ZDNET, those who are still using Windows XP can continue using it. Here is an analysis of the report.Every new OS comes with a learning curve. Sometimes that curve is gentle, sometimes it’s steep. By sticking with what you already know, you’re bypassing the whole learning curve thing altogether!

  • Compatibility is the foremost issue. If you have a software running well on Windows XP then you must not take it for granted that Windows 7 will also run those applications. The same thing holds true for Hardware compatibility and unless you get official support you won't be able to use your erring devices and software fully on Windows 7.
  • Windows XP is still supported by Software developers still support XP, which means that you can easily find softwares and updates for them without the need of upgrading to new softwares as would be required when you switch to Windows 7. So you have another reason to stay back with Windows XP if you are still using it. Also Microsoft will continue to offer extended support for Windows XP upto April 2014 via the latest service pack.
  • Upgrading is again gonna cost you some money. The prices of Windows 7 are so high that they are sure to burn a hole in your pockets. That's not it, you will also have to shell out extra for replacements of software that are available on Windows 7 and may not support the ones you used to work on in Windows XP.
  • And finally, Since Windows 7 is new, it is quite obvious that those who are using Windows XP have to again learn the new features of Windows 7 and this is time consuming. So this is one reason users who are still using Windows XP can continue doing so.

Well, we personally feel, you should consider making a switch to Windows 7 as it has some wonderful and refreshing features that make you more productive at work. It is not a compulsory thing but those who have a dual opinion about the migration may continue using Windows XP. But 4 - 5 years later Support for Windows XP will eventually be dropped by almost every software developer and companies...


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