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Windows 8 Metro UI Keyboard Shortcuts

By Debjit on September 18th, 2011 

Now that Windows 8 has been finally released, users will gradually start making a switch to this all new operating system from Microsoft. With the new Metro UI in Windows 8, some controls have changed and they have changed for good.

However, given the fact that the Metro UI in Windows 8 is specially meant for touch based device, having a few keyboard shortcuts becomes very handy for non touch devices such as laptops and desktop computers.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Listed below are some very common and useful Windows 8 & Metro UI keyboard shortcuts:

Win + Spacebar : Switch the input language and keyboard layout

Win + C : Open the Charms

Win + D : Show the desktop

Win + E : open Windows Explorer

Win + F : Open the Search panel

Win + H : Open the Share charm

Win + I : Open the Settings charm

Win + K : Open the Connect charm

Win + L : Lock the computer

Win + O : Lock the screen rotation

Win + Q : Open the search pane

Win + R : Open run

Win + V : Cycle through toasts

Win + W : Opens the Settings search panel

Win + Y : Peek at the desktop

Win + Z : open the app bar

Win + Shift + V : Reverse cycle through toasts

Win + Enter : Launch the narrator

Win + PgUp : Move tiles to the left

Win + PgDn : Move tiles to the right

Win + Shift + . : Move the split to the left

Win + . : Move the split to the right


Windows 8 Metro UI Keyboard Shortcuts was originally published on on September 18, 2011 - 11:13 am (Indian Standard Time)