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7 things you must know about the XP Mode in Windows 7 (Virtual PC)

By Debjit on October 8th, 2009 

Windows 7 xp modeThe XP Mode in Windows 7 provides additional compatibility for running older applications (meant to be used on Windows XP) on Windows 7. In this article we will tell you about 7 things that you must know before you start using the XP mode in Windows 7.

1. Your PC, laptop or desktop, needs at least 2GB of memory (RAM) for XP mode to work properly.

2. Your PC should also have support for Hardware Virtualisation and you must know how to enable it from our BIOS.

3. XP Mode is only available for free only to the Enterprise, Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate versions. So if you are using Windows 7 basic edition then you may have to look at other options of running XP softwares that are not compatible with Windows 7.

4. The applications in XP mode will have short cuts on the Windows 7 toolbar that allows users to seamlessly go back and forth between the two operating systems.

5. You need to have security software installed on both Windows 7 and XP mode to ensure system security. This means you have an anti-virus program installed in Windows 7, this won't ensure security from virus in the XP mode. You need to separately install security software in the XP mode.

6. XP Mode is not pre-installed into Windows 7. You have to download it from the Microsoft site.

7. This is not all. You also need to download and install Virtual PC before you install the XP mode in your windows 7 system.

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7 things you must know about the XP Mode in Windows 7 (Virtual PC) was originally published on on October 8, 2009 - 5:40 pm (Indian Standard Time)