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9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps (Android, iOS, iPad, iPhone)

Video chat apps are becoming increasingly popular. Many people use these types of chat for business purposes and for catching up with family and friends. Tablets and Smart phones that are equipped with the ability to engage in video chat can be used as an alternative to video conferencing software. The perks and benefits to…

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By Debjit

5 Top Browsers for Android In 2013

Dolphin HD Browser Android App

Today, there are a lot of Android browsers that are out in the high speed Internet world, all claiming to be better than the others. There are some that provide amazing experiences to their users while others boast that they are capable of providing simplicity in their browser and that they can get the job…

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By Debjit

4 Major Characteristics of Successful iPhone Apps

Successful iPhone app characteristics

With over 100 million users, the iPhone has spawned a huge apps industry. If you plan to release an iPhone app of your own, it is crucial for you to understand the mechanics of the market and design your app so that it will be appealing to users and sell a large number of units….

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By Debjit

Spy Software Can Prevent From Political Dissidents

Net Spy Mobile Android Pictures

With the advent of recent advancements and ever changing environment, the list detailing the use of modern technology continually grows longer and is limitless. Technology has helped a lot of people in doing their respective works. In government agencies, technology is also very helpful especially in safety and security aspects. An example is the Spy…


By Debjit

A New Look and Feel for the Pandora Application on Android

Pandora Android App Playlist Images

Applications that want to keep your business update regularly, and that should be a lesson to everyone. Those who want to keep their customers happy are always going to be looking for ways to improve. A great recent example of this is the new version of the Pandora application available for Android devices. Many people…

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By Debjit

Chrome Browser For Android Released ( Review )

Google has released Chrome browser for Android. After using the app for a while, I have to say that it is absolutely fantastic. The only bad news is that it is available only for phones running Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ). Let us take a look into the features that Chrome for Android…

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By Ricky

Canonical Launches Ubuntu One Music Streaming App For iPhone & iPod

For the ones who are not familiar with Ubuntu One, it is a web based storage services from Canonical just the same as Dropbox. A basic account of Ubuntu One offers you upto 5GB of storage space unlike DropBox which offers only 2GB and talking about popularity of the Ubuntu One service, we have already…

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By Debjit

LBE Privacy Guard Is An Absolute Must Have Android App

LBE Privacy Guard

LBE Privacy Guard gives users the ability to manually configure each and every permissions of the different apps installed. Users can outright deny a particular permission, approve it or decide whenever the permission is required.

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By Ricky

Facebook Launches A Messaging App For Android And iOS

Facebook has launched a new messaging app for Android and iOS. The app, called Facebook Messenger, brings a SMS like messaging system that is based on Facebook’s messaging system.

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By Ricky

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