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5 tips to accelerate or increase torrent download speeds in Windows 7

By Debjit on November 14th, 2009 

Torrents are one of the most popular ways to share and download content over the web. Although torrents work very well from within Windows 7 but your default Windows 7 system is not optimised to get the best and the highest torrent download speed. In this article we will share with you about 5 tips that will help you to accelerate your torrent download speeds in Windows 7.

1. Half open limit fix for Windows 7 has a limit on the number of half open connections (10). This limit does not effect the regular computer user but torrent users may feel the crunch of such a limit. Half open limit fix lets you to change the maximum number of concurrent half-open connections in the Windows system file tcpip.sys. You can set the limit to a value like 100. Download the fix, Tip via BlogsDNA

Alternatively you might also like to install the Windows 7 tcpip.sys optimizer to do the job for you.

2. Disable the IPv6 connections option if your network does not use one, i.e. if you are on a IPv4 connection. You can disable it from the properties of your network card.

windows7 disable ipv6

3. Use a torrent speed acceleration patch for the torrent client that you use. You may see this extensive patch list for various torrent clients. You can also us the BCAP Acceleration Patch for BitComet client or the BT Patch for BitTorrent.

4. Make sure that the torrent ports are unblocked in the windows firewall. Torrents are by default downloaded via one of the ports between 6881 and 6999, so make sure any one of these ports is unblocked. You can also set an alternate port for downloading in your torrent client and also add that port as an exception in the Windows Firewall.

windows7 change torrent download port

5. The torrent download speeds you get depends a lot on the torrent client you are using. You might like to see this for an exhaustive list of tweaks available for some of the major torrent download clients.


5 tips to accelerate or increase torrent download speeds in Windows 7 was originally published on on November 14, 2009 - 12:22 am (Indian Standard Time)