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Adobe brings Flash and AIR to Android

By Ricky on September 11th, 2010 

Today, Adobe announced the introduction of Flash 10.1 and AIR platform for Google's Android mobile operating system. With this announcement, Adobe plans to introduce AIR as a common platform across the the fragmented mobile operating system market.

AIR, short for Adobe Integrated Runtime, is a foundation for stand-alone applications that use Flash or Web technology. Using this platform, developers will be able to design an application once and deliver it across multiple phone operating systems.

In the World Mobile Congress, Adobe announced that it will release the AIR platform to Android in 2010 and Flash 10.1 will be introduced by the first half of 2010.

After this Adobe is planning to introduce AIR to other mobile OS as well. With this move, Adobe is planning to leverage AIR as a common platform across all the different mobile OS. If they do succeed, it will mean that any AIR application developed for any mobile OS will work on any other OS with AIR. This can be of real use to not only developers but also customers.

It is expected that next, AIR is going to be announced of RIM.

[via CNET News]


Adobe brings Flash and AIR to Android was originally published on on February 16, 2010 - 1:37 am (Indian Standard Time)