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AirPush Detector Is An App To Detect And Uninstall Apps That Uses AirPush

By Ricky on June 18th, 2011 

AirPush is a controversial new advertising ad network for Android. Generally ads are restricted within the app – but AirPush removes that restriction. AirPush can use Android’s notification system to display ads. I consider what AirPush is doing as a misuse of the Android APIs and many people too have also expressed their dislike for AirPush.

The worst thing about seeing an AirPush ad is that it does not display which app the ad is coming from. That means users have no idea which app to remove if they have recently installed or updated a bunch of apps. Savy users will be able to go through the Android log to see which app is generating the app but this is out of the reach of most users. This is where AirPush Detector steps in.

AirPush Detector is a simple app for Android that detects and removes, if the user wants, apps that uses AirPush. With this app installed, apps which uses AirPush can no longer hide behind the anonymity that the AirPush framework provides.

AirPush Detector - Android Market AirPush Detector is currently rated five starts in the Android market and available for free. Hopefully this open source app can finally kill off the annoying AirPush ads.

Download AirPush (Android Market Link)


AirPush Detector Is An App To Detect And Uninstall Apps That Uses AirPush was originally published on on June 18, 2011 - 12:46 pm (Indian Standard Time)