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HTML5 Offline Version Of Google Docs Coming Soon – Should Microsoft Worry?

By Debjit on June 18th, 2011 

HTML5 is definitely the buzz word of the web now. With so many awesome features and capabilities provided by HTML5, developers are surely loving and finding it easy to work with this new HTML specification. Not only this, even big organizations are gradually making a switch by porting their existing web applications to HTML5.

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A couple of days back we told you how Microsoft is planning to release a new version of the Windows Live SkyDrive which has been redesigned in HTML5 and will have a completely new interface.

Google Docs

Google Docs - Offline!

According to an article at Techcrunch, the offline version of Google Docs will be released sometime in the mid of July (Summer end). The offline Google docs makes use of core HTML5 technologies such as AppCache, File API & the IndexDB. Initially Google had planned to implement the offline version using Google Gears but later the idea was dropped and HTML5 was chosen.

Google Docs Offline version works inĀ  very simple way. When you go offline you will still be able to see a list of all your documents in Google Docs. On accessing a document in the offline mode, the local copy of the doc will be opened and you started editing as you would normally edit a document. Next time when you are online all your documents get synced and automatically gets uploaded to or downloaded from Google Docs.

Google Docs is no doubt the best office suite when it comes to web apps but on Desktop, Microsoft Office is still the undisputed leader. Google has tried on a number of occasions to oust Microsoft's Office with their web based Google Docs. This has however not been possible yet owing to the amazing number of features which Microsoft offers to it's clients in it's Office Suite. The offline version of Google Docs will just be an extension of the web based Google Docs to your desktop. So, Microsoft can stop worrying!

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Other features which you will soon be able to see in Google Docs are extension of Cloudprint to a more number of devices which are currently being supported only on mobile and Chromebooks. The Android app for Google Docs will most probably get a native Android editor and will replace the current web based editor and going forward - offline editing will also be possible on mobile devices.


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