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Google Chrome 13 Enters Beta with Instant Pages and Print Preview Features

By Debjit on June 18th, 2011 

Google released Chrome 13 beta with many new features, for example Instant Pages and Print Preview features. There are many speed ups and bug fixes in the well furnished beta release. Let us take a look.

Instant Pages and Prerendering

Google had recently announced this feature to be present in the Chrome 13 beta browser. Prerendering capability makes it able for a site to predict with reasonable accuracy which link the user is most likely to click on next. So merging this facility with Instant Pages helps in predictive preloading pages before users click on result links. After inputting the search query, the search result pages will pop up instantly and open up faster than before. Know more about this feature here.

Print Preview

It took 3 years and 13 versions for Google to add the important feature of print preview. This much awaited new feature uses Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer to display the page you want to print, and it updates automatically as you adjust your print settings. The Print-to-PDF option lets save any web page as PDF file. So you need to just click 'Print' and the preview will appear in a new tab. All usual setting as pages to print and the number of copies etc. are there. One can choose preferred page layout (portrait or landscape), or choose colour or black and white output and the preview window updates immediately.

Omnibox is also another major updated feature included in the beta release. With this partial matching support feature, now you can get suggestions of the previously browsed pages by entering in the address bar just part of one of the words (not necessarily the whole word needed) in a page title or URL .

After remaining in beta for few weeks, Chrome 13 will see a stable release. Meanwhile, Chrome 14 entered development channel. It will surely contain many new exciting features.

Source : Google Chrome Blog


Google Chrome 13 Enters Beta with Instant Pages and Print Preview Features was originally published on on June 18, 2011 - 11:48 am (Indian Standard Time)