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Amazon Asia-Pacific cleared to starts operations in India amidst land trouble

By Debjit on February 22nd, 2012 

The Andhra Pradesh government has been approached by in to reclaim the land the company has lost at the hands of farmers in the region. Having entered India through and now finally getting a clearance to set up operations in the country, Amazon is trying hard to get back its land and start running smoothly.

Amazon India is already functioning in India through e-commerce site despite the restrictions of Foreign Direct Investment in India (FDI). gives a list of products aggregated from various Indian e-commerce sites, as well as It further gave the prices of the products on various websites and then rerouted the consumer to the specific website for purchase. But now, Amazon can finally step beyond this stop-gap solution and run operations in India the way it does in the US. The government has given clearance to Amazon Asia-Pacific, and a subsidiary is now setting up logistics and operations for distribution and promotion in India.

Amazon's operations have thus been defined as - “To set up a WoS [Wholly Owned Subsidiary] to undertake the business of online market place operator and retailer inter-alia courier services.”

Amazon made an interesting move by launching and gather information about the Indian market, while also working towards getting a clearance for setting up operations. As proof to the fact that Amazon is in fact getting retailers and suppliers for its Indian website, the company released a list of 10 partners, namely The Bombay Store, Fabindia, Bata India Limited, Reebok, Dabur, Homeshop 18, Gitanjali, Hidesign and UniverCell.

As reported in Hindu's Business Line, Amazon's territory in AP has been encroached by the farmers, and a company team bet the Chief Minister of the state to help them resolve the issues.

Source: ZDNet


Amazon Asia-Pacific cleared to starts operations in India amidst land trouble was originally published on on February 22, 2012 - 12:57 pm (Indian Standard Time)