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Microsoft seeks to revive MSN through buzz portal msnNOW

By Debjit on February 22nd, 2012 

Software giant Microsoft is trying to revive its MSN web portal, once very popular amongst users, which had lost its charm, with Facebook and Twitter ruling the social space now, has. The company has launched msnNOw, which the company hopes to make the one stop search engine and shop for the latest buzz and breaking news about a variety of topics from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and

Microsoft announced that msnNOW will have an editorial staff which will scrounge for the hottest news and topics on the internet in 100 words or less, much like Twitter. With all this content being found through Facebook and other social media sites, a single source of fresh content will be created which will also give users information about why something is trending, what people are saying and links for more information. The site will also include Biggest Movers, which is basically looks at topics as they go up and down the popularity list.

The content and news which will be up on the website will be divided into categories to make the browsing experience easier and more organized. The categories would be Fame (Celeb gossip), Soul (topics on beauty, lifestyle etc.), Sweat (sports buzz), Wire (big news of the day) and Cash (finance and business). Users can even browse through these categories through their mobiles and tablets apart from PCs or Macs by accessing msnNOW on their devices. With a special msnNOW Facebook Reader app, users can share content even on Facebook.

The technology being used by Microsoft to run msnNOW is called Demand Dashboard, which sorts and analyses posts from Facebook and other content such as tweets, Bing searches and buzz to detect patterns every 24 hours.

Although Microsoft is now trying to foray into social media again with msnNOW, its footing in the area has never been too strong despite undisputed software leadership. We'll have to wait and watch if msnNOW is able to change the company's social media standing in the months to come.



Microsoft seeks to revive MSN through buzz portal msnNOW was originally published on on February 22, 2012 - 12:19 pm (Indian Standard Time)