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New York – The Best Place In The US For Social Media Jobs

By Debjit on February 16th, 2012 

An infographic released by employment agency OnWardSearch on the status of social media jobs in the US gives us some interesting details on the growth and scope of this industry which is now attracting more and more individuals looking to engage in unique career options.

Best Social Media Jobs are in the New York, USA

Best Social Media Jobs are in the New York, USA

Called The Social Media Jobs Salary Guide, this infograph gives the top 20 markets for social media jobs, along with the salary brackets for the top job titles. The infograph also comes with a bit of career advice from leading professionals in the industry.

Although the left coast remains to be the top destination if one wants to work as a blogger, tweeter or brand manager on social networks, and make good money as well, New York beats all to emerge as the number one city for social media jobs. In the northeast, even Boston emerges as number 5 of the list.

California however, comes out to be the top state in terms of the number of Californian cities that fall under the list. When it comes to the kind of job titles, post of a Social Media Marketing Manager pays 73k-116k a year; while in San Jose, California, it is slightly higher at 74k-117k a year. The next 4 top job titles are Social Media Strategist, PR Manager, Online Community Manager, Social Media Specialist and then finally a Social Media Copywriter.

The most popular job however is not the one with the maximum pay. Approximately, 27% people are employed as Marketing Managers, while 30% are Content Writers. Other popular jobs in the industry include Digital Marketing Project Manager, Online Marketing Manager, PPC Specialist and SEO Analyst.

What OnWardSearch is looking to analyse further is how the list will change on a per year basis, be it salary changes for job titles, number of people employed under a particular post or how the cities score in terms of being most suitable for social media employment.

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