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Popular Chinese Mobile Ad Network “Madhouse” Comes To India

By Debjit on February 16th, 2012 

One of the popular mobile ad networks in China, Madhouse has now launched operations in India and is planning to tap the mobile advertising potential in the country and help brands reach out to more consumers by providing the right kind of tools for them. For this purpose, it will be opening offices in 3 cities of India.

MadHouse - Chinese Mobile ad network launches in India

MadHouse - Chinese Mobile ad network launches in India

With 850 million mobile connections in India, the scope for expanding and taking advantage of mobile as a mass media is immense. Madhouse aims to use this scope for building operations in the country. The challenges to mobile advertising in India have primarily been lack of scaling solutions in data, voice and text, lack of reliable tools and systems and managing the different mobile operating systems with multiple stake holders. All these challenges again make it difficult for brands and advertisers to use the mobile medium to connect with the consumers.

But with Madhouse India, potential clients and advertisers can make use of established tools and mobile solutions for all kinds of smartphones and tablets in the spectrum of paid, owned and earned media. The company also has reliable data including demographics, psychographics and targeting for geography for all mobile operating systems.

Founder and CEO of Madhouse, Joshua Maa commented on the expansion by saying that they see tremendous growth and potential in India and are fully committed to investing in this market. With the right local partners, the MadHouse technology and operational expertise can be leveraged to serve the unique mobile marketing needs of clients. In China, MadHouse has been working with partners such as Rovio, EA, China Unicom’s app store, and ad agencies to continually grow their leadership position.

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