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Facebook Adds “Delete Account” Option

By Debjit on July 26th, 2010 

Facebook has already been in the scanner for it's weird company policies such as there was a time when Facebook used to say whatever you share on Facebook (for eg, your photos and videos) becomes the property of Facebook automatically. But after much criticism all that changed and Facebook introduced some new policies and changes in their system. Now we have news that Facebook has secretly added a Delete your Profile button in your account settings.

Slashdot reports that Facebook have quietly added the ability to delete your account.  The button on your Account Settings which earlier read 'Deactivate Account', has now become 'Deactivate or Delete Account' (for select accounts only) and when checked it purports to permanently delete your account and all information you have shared.

Is Facebook actually willing to erase your data permanently? They must be counting on very few people doing so. However mixed reports on this say that perhaps this is a limited test. Facebook has always been shaky with it's privacy settings as these settings used to be very complex for users to take care of.

You may not be able to see the Delete or Deactivate button yet as it is quite possible that Facebook is gradually adding the button to Facebook profiles all across the world.


Facebook Adds “Delete Account” Option was originally published on on July 26, 2010 - 6:33 pm (Indian Standard Time)