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GMail Introduces Priority Inbox

By Ricky on September 12th, 2010 

gmail logoGMail has introduced a new feature today - Priority Inbox. Priority Inbox does what its name suggest - sort your emails by priority.

Many users get a lot of emails. The spam filter in GMail does a very good job atĀ eliminatingĀ all the spams. Nevertheless, there are many other emails which are not spams but are less important than others, i.e. you may not need a reply, and yet others may be important enough that you have to reply.

gmail priority inboxThis is where the Priority Inbox comes in. Priority Inbox divides the emails into three categories:

  • Important and unread
  • Starred
  • Everything else

When an email is received, GMail will predict if that email is important and mark them for you. As you use this feature more and more, it will get smarter at categorizing your emails. If an email is incorrectly marked in your opinion, you can edit it and GMail will learn for that.

This is one feature that is sure to increase GMail user's productivity a lot. Emails from people that you generally reply to will be marked important, so that you can, well, reply to it; and others like emails from certain services, mailing list etc. that you do not need to reply will go into Everything else.

GMail has already started rolling out this feature and all the GMail users will have it by this week. However, for users of the Google Apps, their account administrator has to turn on this feature.

[via: GMail Blog]


GMail Introduces Priority Inbox was originally published on on August 31, 2010 - 9:48 am (Indian Standard Time)