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Generate QR Code For Links Shortened With (Google Shortener)

By Debjit on May 31st, 2011 

QR code for short URL: codes are smart and really useful ways of getting links to open on your Mobile phones. These codes have recently been made popular with the ever increasing user base of the Android operating system as on Android, users have an option to scan a QR code from their computers in order to install applications on their mobile phones.

So, if you use to shorten your links then here is a quick-tip using which you can automatically generate QR Code for all your links which have been shortened with (Google URL Shortener).

After you have already used to shorten your links, Google generates an additional hidden URL using which you can get the QR code for your shortened URL. Here is the tip:

just append .qr to your shortened URL and open it in a browser

For example, if your short URL is then you can get the corresponding QR for the same URL at:

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Generate QR Code For Links Shortened With (Google Shortener) was originally published on on May 31, 2011 - 3:50 pm (Indian Standard Time)