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Google Chrome 7 Available In The Dev Channel

By Ricky on December 3rd, 2010 

Google Chrome has entered version 7 in the development channel.

More accurately, the Dev Channel has been updated to 7.0.503.0 for Windows and Mac, and 7.0.503.1 for Linux. This update fixes some bugs from earlier releases. The omnibox now accepts the IP address when offline. There is also a Mac specific update with the Wrench menu. Now the Wrench menu does not close after using the zoom button. The highlight-on-hover effect has also been implemented for the Wrench menu.

If you want to use Google Chrome 7, you have to get it from the Dev Channel (Link given below). The Dev Channel is where new features are implemented and gets tested. So, do not expect it to work perfectly.

Get Google Chrome 7

If you want even more frequent updates, you may want to look at the Canary build.

[via: Google Chrome Releases]


Google Chrome 7 Available In The Dev Channel was originally published on on August 26, 2010 - 9:47 pm (Indian Standard Time)