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Google Chrome OS Features & Chrome Notebook Specs

By Debjit on December 8th, 2010 

Google finally unveiled the Chrome OS, which is based on the Chromium OS project. Additionally Google also  announced that the Chrome OS Notebook will be ready for consumers by Mid-2011. The Chrome Notebook is currently available to select users via a Pilot Program. In this article we will tell you about a couple of cool features which Chrome OS has and a small note about the device specifications for Chrome Notebook.

Google Chrome OS Features

Chrome OS is based on the Chrome browser and it's core code comes from the Chromium OS project. This cloud operating system has a lot of unique features as mentioned under:

  • Taking less than 60 seconds to launch for the first time, Chrome OS has the shortest boot time for a Netbook.
  • Since everything happens on the Cloud, all your Chrome OS computer settings can be shared with others and with Chrome browsers on your other Computers and lets you enjoy a seamless web experience. (Video)
  • Security is Chrome OS's forte as it uses something called "Sandboxing" and data encryption to keep the device it is running on, secure. Chrome OS can detect malicious code and rectify itself! Check out this video for more information.

The Chrome OS Notebook is (but obviously) powered by the Chrome OS and runs on Intel Atom chips which are meant for mobile devices. It has built in Wi-Fi and 3G. For more specifications, read: Google Chrome OS Notebook Device Specs.

Chrome OS Notebook

Chrome OS Notebook

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Google Chrome OS Features & Chrome Notebook Specs was originally published on on December 8, 2010 - 12:03 pm (Indian Standard Time)