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Google Chrome OS

By Debjit on July 10th, 2009 

Here comes another killer from Google, this time its another OS (no Android business this time) and is called the Google Chrome Operating System. The Google Chrome OS is basically a Linux-based operating system designed specifically for faster, safer and easier access of the World Wide Web and its derivatives. As you have guessed by now, it is in the lines of the Google Chrome browser. As Google puts it :

We designed Google Chrome for people who live on the web — searching for information, checking email, catching up on the news, shopping or just staying in touch with friends. However, the operating systems that browsers run on were designed in an era where there was no web. So today, we're announcing a new project that's a natural extension of Google Chrome — the Google Chrome Operating System. It's our attempt to re-think what operating systems should be.

It will be primarily targeted at netbooks and netbooks powered by x86 as well as ARM processors and running on the Chrome OS will be made available by the second half of 2010. The key issues which the OS promises to address are better security features, virus-free environment, faster loading times, lightness amongst several other noteworthy features. It will basically be Google Chrome running within a new window system atop the Linux kernel, with the web as its platform. So, don't expect it to be a full-fledged OS yet.

If you look at Google's track record, they had this Desktop Search, which was followed by Android, Chrome and now the Chrome OS. Does that give you any hint? Well it certainly does. Microsoft should be feeling the heat by now.

-via Google Blog


Google Chrome OS was originally published on on July 8, 2009 - 11:36 pm (Indian Standard Time)