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Google Adds Flight Info to Search Results

By Debjit on May 28th, 2011 

Got issues with airline flights' timetables ? Here is Google for you, helping in every possible way. Using Google to search for airline flights just got a little easier. The search giant announced Friday that it's adding flight schedules to travel-related searches. This new feature in the search results will help you find a list of destinations, durations, and airlines.

Googling "flights from New Delhi to Mumbai", for example, results in a brief summary at the top of the results page with the number of non-stop flights per day, how long the flight is, and which airlines service that route. Expand the linked schedule and you'll get a full table of upcoming flights.

Again if you search for "flights from New Delhi" or "flight to Mumbai" it will provide you the detailed list of places connected to the place with the duration of flight for each place and the airlines that are servicing those flights in the route.

Google’s new flight search feature only works with non-stop flights. So if you want a cheaper connecting flight, or if you’re looking to go to overseas, this feature won’t show up. While Google's gives you all the information at once, it trails way behind Bing Travel (powered by Kayak), which offers much more in the way of sorting features (e.g., price, airline, depart/arrive, stops and duration).

Hopefully Google adds more features to the flight searches in near future. But at the start it is quite impressive.

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Google Adds Flight Info to Search Results was originally published on on May 28, 2011 - 7:56 pm (Indian Standard Time)