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Google Going All Out To Promote Chrome

By Ricky on December 15th, 2009 


Although Chrome currently has only a small percentage of users compared to Firefox and Internet Explorer, Google is going all out to bring Chrome to the notice of millions. First they launced a newspaper and billboard advertising campaign in the UK. And, they followed it up by introducing ChromeForChristmas.

Today, there was full page advertisement for Chrome in the Metro newspaper in the form of a warp-around cover. The first page of the advertisemet describes Chrome as "A fast, new browser made for everyone". The inside lists Chrome's features like the incognito mode, often called the porn mode, the browser's stability among other things.

chrome_newspaper1 chrome_newspaper2

Google has also put up billboard ads for Chrome as well. Interesting strategies from the internet advertising giant.


And taking advantage of the holiday season, Google has also brought out "ChromeForChristmas". This is basically as way to send a an e-card with your picture or a video and a prompt to download Chrome.


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Google Going All Out To Promote Chrome was originally published on on December 15, 2009 - 1:06 am (Indian Standard Time)