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Interview with BootStrapToday CEO and Co-Founder Anand Agarwal

We recently caught up with Anand Agarwal, CEO and Co-Founder at Sensible Softwares Pvt. Ltd, the company behind the online integration platform BootStrapToday. Starting out as a small startup in 2009, with three partners and a vision, Sensible Softwares happens to be Mr. Agarwal’s first business. BootStrapToday was launched in 2010 in beta and gathered…

 India   Startups   Video  

By Debjit

Watch Facebook’s F8 Event Live

Facebook has released a lot of changes yesterday. From the looks of it users do not like and they are making it known. Well, like it or not Facebook is set to introduce a lot more changes. At the F8 event which is about to start in a few minutes, Facebook is expected to announce…

 Facebook   Video  

By Debjit

Microsoft Makes A Video For Linux’s 20th Birthday

Microsoft Makes A Video For Linux’s 20th Birthday

This is a very unexpected but Microsoft has submitted a video to the Linux Foundation in celebration of the 20th birthday of Linux.

 Linux   Microsoft   Video  

By Ricky

A Brief History Of Internet Explorer [Video]

Internet Explorer 9 Logo

A few days back, Microsoft released the newest version Internet Explorer – Internet Explorer 9. Andrew Tait has made a video comparing the various versions of Internet Explorer from version 1 to 9. This is quite an interesting video which shows how much IE and the web has changed in the last 15 years. If…

 Microsoft   Video  

By Ricky

Gtk+ 3.2 HTML5 Backend Allows Any Application To Run In A Browser

GNOME developer, Alexander Larsson, is developing a HTML5 gdk backend, codenamed Broadway, that allows user to run Gtk application either remotely or locally inside the web-browser. The project is right now at an early stage and there are still a lot of issues like keyboard inputs support is still poor and the only supported browser…

 Linux   News   Video  

By Ricky

Watch The 2011 Union Budget Live Online [India]

Union Budget 2011 - India

If you do not have a Television set nearby and still want to catch the Live Telecast of the Union Budget, then there are various online streams and Budget special news portals which are showing the Union Budget telecast live for free. Here is a list of all the portals where you can watch the…

 Digitizor   Lists   Video  

By Debjit

Watch MTV Roadies 8 Online & On Mobile [India]

MTV Roadies 8 logo

MTV Roadies is currently in it’s eighth season and is titled as “Shortcut To Hell” because the second half of this 8th season took place in China (which is otherwise also known as Shortcut To Hell) and the tasks which the roadies were made to perform in China were very difficult. Auditions were held in Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chandigarh and Mumbai.

 India   Video  

By Debjit

Watch Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb Event Online

At CES 2011, Google showed some previews of Honeycomb. There was not much details at the time though and all we got was a rendered video. Today Google is having a press event to unveil Android 3.0 Honeycomb later today. According to the invites which Google sent out, Google will provide “an in-depth look at…

 Android   General   Video  

By Ricky

Google’s Innovative “2011 Holidays & Christmas” Doodle [Video]

Google’s Innovative “2011 Holidays & Christmas” Doodle [Video]

Google has come up with it’s best doodle ever for this year’s holiday season. The latest doodle on Google’s homepage is a wonderful design that took over 250 hours to complete with 5 artists working full-time on the Doodle!

 Google   News   Video  

By Debjit

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