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How to get currency conversion (exchange) rates from Google?

By Debjit on August 1st, 2009 

Google Currency ConverterOnline businesses that thrive on earning schemes like online monetization and online income  sources always feel the necessity of converting between various currencies. And it is not at all a feasible solution to visit websites to know the current exchange rates and then use the rate to find out the equivalent amount. So, we will tell you how you can use Google to find out exchange rates and equivalent amounts in different currencies.

To find out the Exchange Rate for a currency

Open in your browser. Now type the following in the search form:

1 <three digit notation for source-currency> TO <three digit notation for source-currency>

For eg., if you want to see the exchange rates for USD (united states dollar) to INR (Indian National rupee) then you should type 1 USD to INR in the search box and hit enter. If you want to find out the exchange rates for USD to GBP then you should type 1 USD to GBP and hit enter. This you can find the exchange rates for any currency under the sun.

exchange rate google

To convert any amount from one currency to another

As explained in the previous step for showing Currency Exchange rates, you just need to modify your search query a bit. For example, if you want to find out how much 500 pounds is in united states dollars the you need to use the query: 500GBP to USD. Similarly you can find out converted amounts for other currencies as well.

foreign currency converter

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