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Infosys To Take Care Of Microsoft’s Internal IT Services

By Debjit on April 14th, 2010 

Microsoft Infosys Internal IT Deal ManagementCall it an achievement for Infosys or an achievement for every Indian in the IT sector but Microsoft outsourcing it's Internal IT services to India based Infosys Technologies has surely raised some eyebrows for sure. ZDNet has published a detailed response from Infosys which you can read here. In the words of ZDNet blogger Larry Dignan-

When a company like General Motors outsources IT, it doesn’t raise eyebrows. But wouldn’t one think an IT-centric company like Microsoft would be well-equipped to manage its own IT operations? Who better to deploy and maintain Windows 7 than the company that developed it? After all, Microsoft often cites its own IT learnings, dogfooding, etc., as helping the company make its own products better.

Here are some of the finer points of the deal which we have compiled from a news release at Market Watch. As a part of the managed services agreement between Microsoft and Infosys, the later is expected to do the following:

Infosys will streamline implementation processes, simplify support and service, lower enterprise costs through the use of the latest Microsoft solutions.

  • Infosys will provide IT help desk, desk-side services, and infrastructure and application support to Microsoft.
  • Infosys will take care of various other IT related functionality such as managing Microsoft's internal IT services for applications, devices, and databases in 450 locations across 104 countries and establishment of a dedicated Service Excellence Office.

How will Infosys benefit from Microsoft from this deal in terms of technology?

Infosys will be a huge beneficiary of this managed services agreement with Microsoft. As a result of this agreement Infosys will get an unique opportunity to partner with the IT division of Microsoft and gain the much required technical and more importantly early expertise in the implementation and management of the latest Microsoft technologies.

And this will ultimately enhance Infosys's capabilities of helping it's other customers to leverage Microsoft's innovation and adopt these technologies.


Infosys To Take Care Of Microsoft’s Internal IT Services was originally published on on April 14, 2010 - 5:46 pm (Indian Standard Time)