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Ksplice Uptrack Is Now Free For Fedora

By Ricky on September 2nd, 2010 

Ksplice is now offering their tool Ksplice Uptrack for free for Fedora. Ksplice Uptrack is a really cool technology which allows you to update the Linux Kernel without rebooting.

With this announcement from Ksplice, Fedora joins Ubuntu as the second Linux distribution in which Ksplice Uptrack is available for free. In future Fedora releases, Ksplice may be integrated into the distribution itself.

This is what Jeff Arnold, Ksplice's founder said:

Ksplice was originally developed on Fedora in the first place. We're thrilled to contribute our service back to the Fedora community for free.

And of course, the move is welcomed by the Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith, who said:

Ksplice Uptrack is an interesting technology that promises to make it easier for our users to keep Fedora installations up-to-date. We appreciate Ksplice's participation in the Fedora community.

Click here to download Ksplice Upstart for Fedora 13!

Ksplice Uptrack is also available to seven other Linux distributions, but they charge a small monthly fee after a 30 day trial period for.

[via: CrunchGear]


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