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Rovio Has No Plan Of Bringing Angry Birds To Ubuntu

By Ricky on January 12th, 2011 
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Last week a tweet (or rather a reply) from the official Rovio Twitter account sent Ubuntu fans into a tizzy. When asked if they have plans to bring Angry Birds to the Ubuntu Software Center now that they have it in the Mac App Store, they replied that they are looking into it. This led to excitement among the Ubuntu users thinking that Rovio is actively doing something about it.

However, Ville Heijari of Rovio told open source website Muktware that Rovio has no such plan to bring Angry Birds to Ubuntu at the present.

This is what he said:

Ubuntu is another one of the platforms we are investigating, but we don't have any details regarding any development on Ubuntu yet.

This does not mean that they will bring Angry Birds to Ubuntu. It simply means that Rovio is not working on it and has no plans to develop for Ubuntu now. They are keeping their options for now.

The mindset of Linux users is generally perceived as being against paid/commercial software. So, commercial software developers generally keep a distance from Linux. However time and again this has been proved to be false. For example in the recently concluded Humble Indie Bundle #2, the average donation from Linux users was significantly greater that from users of Mac and Windows. Moreover, the total payment from Linux users is almost the same as that from Mac users.

So, Rovio bring your game to Linux. I am sure Linux users will not mind paying for quality software.


Rovio Has No Plan Of Bringing Angry Birds To Ubuntu was originally published on on January 12, 2011 - 12:53 am (Indian Standard Time)