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Download Angry Birds Theme For Windows 7

Theme for Windows 7 based on Angry Birds game

The Windows team has released a new theme for Windows 7 operating system based on the Angry Birds game and has some nice wallpapers featuring the pics and the various birds in the game – like the Red Bird, Yellow Bird, the Bomb Bird etc.

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By Debjit

“Angry Birds” Game Makes It To Math / Physics Exam Question Paper

Angry Birds in Physics / math Exam question paper

Angry Birds game is a perfect way to put one’s Projectile Motion concepts of Physics to good use and just the perfect reason to be used as an example in Physics exam question.

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By Debjit

Pokemon Game Coming To Android & iOS This Summer

Pokemon Game on Android - Welcome Screen

Superhit Nintendo game is set to debut on Android and iOS devices (like iPad & iPhone). Does this pose a threat to the already popular Android, iOS games – Angry Birds & Heist?

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By Debjit

Finally Angry Birds Makes It Way To Windows Phone 7

There is a good news for Windows Phone 7 users. The highly addictive game – Angry Birds finally makes it way to Windows Phone 7 after a long wait.

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By Debjit

The Heist Knocks Off Angry Birds As Apple App Store’s Top Paid App

The Heist Knocks Off Angry Birds As Apple App Store’s Top Paid App

There has been one app that has constantly held the top paid app spot in Apple’s App Store: Angry Birds. Other apps too for a brief period see the top position, but the Angry Birds flies back to the top every time! However, one app has broken this jynx. After spending an incredible 275 days as…

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By Debjit

[Delayed] Angry Birds For Windows Phone 7 To Launch On June 29

Angry Birds delayed for WP7

Angry Birds, the game, may have gone to various places and a lot of platforms including the web, Android and iOS but it will still take some time for the game to go live on Windows Phone 7 platform. Now we do not know the exact reasons for this as both Rovio (developers of Angry…

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By Debjit

Want To Know How Your Favorite Game “Angry Birds” Is Made? Watch This Video

Angry Birds Soft Toys

If you have not heard about Angry Birds yet, then it’s high time you should start knowing about it. Angry Birds is the biggest gaming sensation ever on the Mobile Platform. And owing to their big success as a mobile game, the developers – Rovio Games (based out of Finland) have launched a web version…


By Debjit

Now Play Angry Birds In Chrome, Firefox, IE & Safari

Angry Birds "Chrome Dimension"

The most successful game for mobile platforms – Angry Birds has now made it’s way to the web and is now available on any web browser. We have already told you that Rovio has launched a spechial Google Chrome version of the Angry Birds game on the Chrome Webstore. But, since the game is hosted…

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By Debjit

Angry Birds Available In The Chrome Web Store

Update: Play Angry Birds in any Web browser. Bye bye productivity! As if wasting out time on Android and iOS is not enough, the popular game Angry Birds has now arrived in the Chrome Web Store as well. Th game can be installed just like any other Chrome app and runs inside the browser. Released…

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By Ricky

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