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NyooTV: See Full TV Shows And Movies For Free – Really? [Read Our Review]

By Debjit on August 6th, 2010 
Advertisement is a social TV network that aims to be the global market leader in providing legal online content to users with superior performance even at low bandwidths. The website is extremely striking and screams “I’ve got the look” from the rooftops of the virtual world. Kudos to the makers for the awesome look and feel that they have given to this site. We also got a chance to e-mail interview the founder, Mr. Gaurav Mendiratta.

The site uses adaptive streaming technology, which allows it to vary the video bit rate according to the user’s bandwidth and provide a buffer-free video experience. The best quality videos are optimized for 20”-24” screens with the promise of HD videos in the near future for 42” screens, but will need really good internet connectivity. This is a tough promise to deliver on, especially in India where connectivity is abysmal. Currently, the buffer does act as a hindrance when connectivity is poor.

The Nyootv Web Player: It detects your connection speed and auto-optimizes the video for you!

Nyootv has a good revenue model, video advertisements and pay-per-view movie viewing being the primary sources. We have our doubts about online pay-per-viewing of movies, because, let’s face it , there is just too much freely available stuff! Even if we are talking about pay-per-view on the first day, we think it’s a tough nut to crack. The content on the site, since legal, is slightly restrictive, but the quality is really good.

The portal is very well divided into different genres, and the lively updates on Bollywood and fashion are quite eye-catching. Only one catch here, the content is very old. The yuppie generation, which will be a large audience, will find this a ‘not-so-cool’ characteristic. But, this very feature may be just what a business traveller may want. A place where a lot of his or her favourite old-timers are together and are of great quality. This brings us to the use of this site on mobile phones.

Categorised listing of content all over the portal

Nyootv is going to launch a mobile version of the website by September. These guys already have custom mobile apps which have Adaptive streaming technology, already available for iPhone and Nokia S60 and plan to launch Blackberry, Samsung and Android apps in the coming months. The challenge would be the connectivity speeds that users face and the tiny screen sizes.

We believe Nyootv has a good proposition. Legal online content is going to be something difficult to digest for most people, and Nyootv will have to get it’s target audience and content correct to make this a success. This site is definitely worth a look-see people, if only just for the brilliant visual appeal. Let us know how do you feel about Nyootv in the comments section below.

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