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Screenshot Tour Of Parted Magic 5.0

By Ricky on July 14th, 2010 

Parted Magic is a Slackware-based Linux distro which is made for the sole purpose of partitioning hard disks. Parted Magic comes with tools like GParted, TestDisk, fdisk etc. The latest release, Parted Magic 0.5 was released yesterday and it includes Linux kernel, GParted 0.6.1 etc.

In this article, we present to you a screenshot tour of Parted Magic 5.0.

Parted magic runs as a live CD and this is the first screen you get when you boot into it. If you have sufficient system memory (RAM), I recommend you use the first option. Otherwise go for the second one. The third option is for extremely small RAM.

This is the screen you get when it is booting. No fancy splash screen here.

And finally, this is the desktop. You are given two workspaces by default and the main tools are shown in the desktop. And yes, it has Conky enabled by default.

This the Display Settings. It is very basic in function but you will not need it a lot in this particular distro.

And finally here is GParted. A lot of you must be already familiar with this tool. This is the main tool that you will use in this distro.

This is the system info - nothing more to say here.

The terminal. All Linux distros should have this and parted Magic is no exception.

All is not work with with Parted Magic. You can still surf the web, chat in IRC etc. Chromium Web Browser is installed by default.

There are also other applications like image viewer, music player etc.

In Parted Magic, network services has to be started manually. From the Start Network options, you can choose what type of service to start.

And this is where you have to configure the network service before it starts. It will scare away any newbies, but then again anyone who is using this distro should be able to configure this.

And this is Midnight Commander, the file manager Parted Magic uses.

If you want to download, Parted Magic 5.0, here is the link - Download Parted Magic 5.0


Screenshot Tour Of Parted Magic 5.0 was originally published on on July 14, 2010 - 3:01 pm (Indian Standard Time)