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Show your twitter updates on your blog

By Debjit on September 8th, 2009 

twitter updates on blog - digitizorTwitter has nowadays become a good source of getting traffic on to your blog. It also helps you stay up-to-date with your peers and vice versa. And how many times have you wanted to show your twitter updates to readers on your hosted blog using one of twitter`s shiny widgets? Unfortunately, None of the blogs hosted on are allowed to use Javascript in widgets or for that matter any where (except for the VIP account holders). But no need to worry now, we will show you how to do that, i.e. How to show your twitter status updates on your blog ?

twiwp12Twitter has introduced this new feature of providing RSS feeds to anyone`s updates. So if you are on twitter then your twitter profile will have an RSS feed to all your status updates. It is located just below the "following " area in your twitter profile page (mark the words: profile page and not home page). Even the Twitter account of Digitizor has an RSS feed. Now get the location of this feed by right clicking on the link to your Twitter`s RSS feed, and copying the link.

twitter updates on blog how to - digitizorNow open the Widgets page in your WordPress Dashboard. Look for RSS in the available widgets menu and click on Add. Once added, click on the edit link of the RSS widget bar which was just placed in the Current Widgets column. Here enter your Twitter Updates' feed URL, click on Done and save the widget.

add twitter status updates to blog how to - digitizor

Now goto your blog and you will se that you can now see your twitter updates on your blog (even though it as a blog :-))

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