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Tweak Mozilla Firefox to make it work and look like Google Chrome Browser

By Debjit on August 1st, 2011 

firefox to chrome logo - digitizorGoogle`s Chrome Browser is indeed a very good browser. The amount of reading area / viewable area it makes available to the user is simply mind blowing. The idea of placing the tabs in the Title Bar is really awesome. (Man, google`s products are really innovative!) And we, here at Digitizor feel that the Google Chrome really beats Mozilla Firefox, be it for it`s Speed or Memory Consumption or the Sleek look. But one place where Mozilla Firefox stands the clear winner are the Firefox Add-ons. And due to this only one feature Firefox easily compensates for all that speed, Memory and sleek looks which Chrome has. A lot of juice from Firefox add-ons goes into writing each and every article here at Digitizor.

We love Firefox but have fallen in love with Chrome. So we thought why not convert the Mozilla Firefox and tweak it into Google Chrome using easily available Firefox Addons. We will now show you How to tweak Mozilla Firefox to make it work and look like Google Chrome Browser. First check out this screenshot of our new revamped Firefox which is ditto Chrome in looks:

firefox non chromified - digitizor plusfirefox addonsequal - digitizorfirefox made to work and look like chrome - digitizor

You have to download and install the following Add-ons from the Firefox Addons website and then restart your Firefox Browser. Once your Firefox restarts you will find that it now not only resembles Chrome, but also has the works of Chrome.

Chromifox - This Add-on is actually a theme. It basically gives the coat of Chrome to Firefox. All graphics including Icons and tabs have been duplicated very well in this theme.

auto Hidestatusbar - You must have noticed in Chrome that the status bar is not always Visible in Chrome. It only shows when required and while loading pages. The auto HideStatusbar also does the same thing. If you have addons already installed that show up in the status bar, you just need to hit alt key from the keyboard to bring the statusbar back and press alt key again to hide it.

hide Menubar - Chrome doesn`t have a menubar. But Firefox has one. So you can hide it using this Addon. You can press the ALT key to show it temporarily.

hide Caption - As you must have seen that Chrome browser does not have a window title, but FIrefox browser has one that shows the page title with the text "Mozilla Firefox" appended to it.

Locationbar - Chrome puts emphasis on the domain name of the website you are browsing to reduce spoofing risk by making the font of the domain name a bit darker than the remaining text. This add-on also does the same thing for Firefox, infact more by providing more URL formatting options.

Statusbar - This addon places any current download in the statusbar instead of popping up an window, just like Chrome

Prism - Chrome has this very useful feature with which you can convert any website into a desktop app. Prism which is a Mozilla Labs product aims to do the same thing for Mozilla Firefox.

Stealther - This addon brings complete anonimity to Firefox. What it does is temporarily disable browsing history (also in address bar), cookies, downloaded files history, disk cache, and recently closed tabs list.

Fastdial - Chrome has shortcuts to your favourite websites right on your start page and on pages which show up on opening a new tab. This is just like the PIP functionality which some television sets provide. Fastdial also does the same thing for Firefox.

Unclosetab - Chrome provides an option for opening your recently closed tabs in case you had closed one of them by mistake. This addon brings the same functionality to Firefox.


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