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Mozilla Labs Bring The Webian Shell – A Full Screen Web Browser Concept

Mozilla Labs has introduced its concept of a desktop replacement called Webian Shell. Read on for screenshots, comparison with Chrome OS and the download link.

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By Zenobia

Twitter Partners With Photobucket On Photos And Firefox On Search

Twitter has confirmed that it is launching a photo sharing service in partnership with Photobucket and an improved search. After its recent acquisition of TweetDeck and AdGrok, Twitter sure is expanding very fast.

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By Nihal

Mozilla Intros Website Permissions Manager In Firefox 5; More Power To The User

Firefox 5 - about:permissions

Mozilla has introduced the about:permissions page in Firefox 5, just like you have the about:config page. This page has a list of all websites that you have visited and it lists the permissions that these websites have while interacting with your browser.

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By Debjit

Mozilla Releases List Of 50 Add-Ons That Slow Down Firefox

Firefox Logo

Mozilla has released a list of 50 Firefox add-ons which slow down the Firefox browser and increase it’s start-up time.  Not only this, some heavy or buggy add-ons can even slow down Firefox to a level which makes it very difficult to use the brpwser even for regular web browsing. For best performance of the…


By Debjit

Get Back The Subscribe To RSS Feed Icon in Mozilla Firefox 4 Address Bar

Get Back The Subscribe To RSS Feed Icon in Mozilla Firefox 4 Address Bar

The new Mozilla Firefox 4 browser has done away with it’s cool RSS Feed functionality that let you subscribe to the RSS feeds of blogs and websites directly from the address bar. Well, a lot of users are big fan of that feature and even we are. So, in this article we will tell you…

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By Adam

Firefox 4 Downloaded Around 7 Million Times In 24 Hours

A few days ago, a day after Internet Explorer 9 was released, Microsoft announced that it was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first day and congratulated themselves. Yesterday, Firefox 4 was released and it has easily gone past Internet Explorer 9’s number. In a similar story, Opera 11 was downloaded 6.5 Million times on…

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By Ricky

What To Expect In Firefox 5 & Firefox 6?

Firefox 2011Roadmap: Apps, Tablets and integrated platforms

Firefox 4 is now live for the general public. There has been a very good response about the browser till now with the download count touching over 5.3 Million in within 20 hours of launch. Firefox 4 has a lot of amazing features and performance improvements which will make your web browsing experience even better….

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By Adam

Mozilla Firefox 4 [Final Version] Is Here

Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 has been released! The download files for this final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 have started appearing in the FTP software repositories of Mozilla. If you have been waiting long for checking out this all new browser from Mozilla, then your wait ends here. You might want to go through our brief…

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By Debjit

How To Install Firefox 4 In Windows 7 & Apple Mac?

Firefox 4 Logo

Mozilla Firefox 4 is now finally out for regular. This new version of Mozilla Firefox has a number of amazing enhancements and consumes less RAM than it’s older counterparts. We have been using the Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta and the Release Candidate version for quite a while now and it has been a very good…

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By Zenobia

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