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3 Ways To Keep Customers Focused in Media-Sharing Sales Strategies

Youtube Video Media Sales

The use of multimedia sharing on social media and through personal communications holds more possibilities than ever to expand marketing practices, but it can be questionable as to how effective they really are. Balancing incorporation of new technologies with traditional sales strategies doesn’t have to be difficult, and in the end, is necessary to keep…

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By Zenobia

Top 4 Tips for Creating Quality Blogs for Your Company’s Website

Quality vs Quantity

Online blogs have evolved from being a personal hobby into one of the most efficient sources of information and advice that are tapped by millions of people each day. Studies have confirmed that over 128 million people throughout the United States are expected to become blog readers within the next year, according to If…

 Blogging   Lists  

By Debjit

3 Examples Of Bad Social Media Strategies / Policies

Bad Social Media Policies

Social media, as many of you know, can be a powerful tool. However, like a car, it must be wielded by someone who knows its capabilities and inner workings. When used incorrectly, this tool can prove devastating. There are plenty of examples of when the use of social media has not been thought through: Thomas…

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By Guest Author

More People Are Unfriending On Facebook – Bored Of Facebook?

Gender & Privacy

A new study by Pew has revealed that people on social networks are now beginning to recognize and use the privacy settings provided, especially on Facebook to avoid unwanted friend requests and people on their friend lists. In other words, users are now becoming more selective and unfriending on Facebook to try and “clean” their…

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By Debjit

Cyfe Makes Web Stats Monitoring For Businesses Easy With All-in-one Web Dashboard

Multiple Dashboards on Cyfe

A new app called Cyfe is now seeking to simplify business management and monitoring, by decreasing the time taken on compiling progress reports and helping companies pool in their resources to keep track of everything from one single page which they call the all-in-one business dashboard. The basic idea behind Cyfe is that when businesses…

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By Debjit

Microsoft Launching Its Own Social Network Codenamed “Tulalip”

"Tulalip" - Microsoft's Own Social Networking Product

Microsoft is planning to launch its very own social networking website called This project is currently called “Tulalip” internally within Microsoft.

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By Debjit

Facebook Now Shows Fan Pages & Adverts Related To Your Comments & Status Updates

Facebook Logo

Looks like the Social Networking giant – has started rolling out another new feature where in links to Fan pages and Ads related to the content you share on Facebook are shown in the sidebar.

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By Debjit

Google Acquires PostRank, A Social Analytics Service

Google Acquires PostRank, A Social Analytics Service

Google has acquired PostRank, a social analytics service in a deal undisclosed. The acquisition announcement can be found on PostRank’s official website.

 Google   Social Media  

By Nihal

Social Media Jobs On A Roll

Social Media Jobs On A Roll

Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in are not only ways to stay connected with other people but have also come as very important tools to many businesses. One’s passion for these sites can actually let one earn a very decent amount of money. These giant social media sites have given birth to an entire new job oriented industry….

 Social Media  

By Nihal

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