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Top 4 Tips for Creating Quality Blogs for Your Company’s Website

By Debjit on February 14th, 2014 

Online blogs have evolved from being a personal hobby into one of the most efficient sources of information and advice that are tapped by millions of people each day. Studies have confirmed that over 128 million people throughout the United States are expected to become blog readers within the next year, according to

If you do not know how to create quality blogs for them to read in order to increase your traffic, then you might as well not do it at all. There are several tips that you can follow in order to make sure that your company's blog is effective - in other words, here is your 4 step mantra to a great corporate blog.

Provide Only Reliable Information from Credible Sources

Reliable Friend

Reliable Friend

More than 80 percent of online consumers trust the information they read in blogs, according to Yahoo Small Business. The only way that you can earn and maintain that trust is to create a successful blog that provides a regular flow of information that comes from credible sources. The people who read your blog will turn to you as a reliable and authoritative expert, so it is imperative that you make sure that all of your blogs are able to reflect those qualities as well.

You Have to Focus on Both Quality and Quantity

Having an abundance of quality content is essential. Make sure you regularly update your blogs with fresh, new content in order to keep your readers engaged and interested in your overall website. Even though 60 percent of businesses host a company blog for their customers to access, 65 percent of them have not updated these blogs in at least one year.

Quality vs Quantity

Quality vs Quantity

Keep in mind that there are over 500,000 new blog posts being published each day with over 329 million people viewing these blogs collectively, according to You need to be able to have a wide range of quality articles available for your site visitors to read when they visit your page even if you need to find a way to build website free in order to do so.

Convert More Sales, Earn More Customers

Beautiful websites and high quality products mean absolutely nothing if you are not able to convince people to pay for them. If you cannot effectively convert the people that visit your website into paid customers, then your company is simply not going to last very long.

Along with producing quality blogs, you will also need to focus on quantity as well because one good blog a day is not going to get you the conversion that you need for the time and effort that you invest in this content to be worthwhile. Over 90 percent of companies that have posted blogs multiple times throughout the day have been able to acquire a paid customer through their blogs online, according to HubSpot.

Quality Recommendations Generate Sales

Over 60 percent of online consumers in the U.S. have made purchases solely based on what the recommendations and advice that they were able to obtain simply by reading a blog, according to By hosting a blog within your website, you will be able to provide helpful tips and advice for your customers that will lead them to making wise purchasing decisions.

Do not make the mistake of stuffing your blogs with keywords and specific information about your company, because this can be classified as spam, which will be removed by Google. Provide unbiased information that can keep your customers engaged and informed so that they will continue to trust in your company even more as a reliable source.

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