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Turn Your Computer Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot With Virtual Router

Virtual Router turns your Windows 7 system into a wi-fi hotspot

Virtual Router is a small utility that turns any Windows 7 or Windows 2008 computer into a Wi-fi Hot Spot just with the click of a button.

 Tools   Windows 7  

By Debjit

New Firefox Scare-ware Tricking Users Into Installing Fake Anti-Virus

With the MacDefender scare-ware infecting so many Macs, which many previously considered very secure, it is easy to forget where the main malware problems is. Well, there is a new scare-ware for Windows which is tricking users into installing a fake anti-virus by using Firefox. This is how the new Firefox scare-ware works: User visits…

 News   Security   Windows  

By Zenobia

Richard Stallman’s Opinion On Dual Booting – “Defenestrate It”

We all know that Richard Stallman has some very strong, serious and unconventional views on software freedom. Well, someone decided to ask him his view on dual booting Linux with Windows. His reply? “Defenestrate it.” Defen what? Well, I must also admit that I have never heard this word before. According to Wikipedia, “Defenestration is…

 General   Linux  

By Ricky

What To Expect From Microsoft Windows 8

What To Expect From Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft is already hard at work on Windows 8.¬†While it’s still only in the development stage, we already have some details about what new features it could have from inside sources and leaked development builds. In this article, we look at some more features we are likely to see when it is released. New Features…

 Brands   Microsoft   OS   Windows  

By Nihal

Windows 8 On Desktop, Mobile & Tablets: Welcome To Seamless Experience!

Windows 8 - Concept Wallpaper

Looks like Microsoft has some nice plans for Windows 8 with the devices that it will support. Although not coming directly from Microsoft, but it is now known that Windows 8 will be released in multiple versions which will be customised to run on various kinds of devices such as tablets, mobile phones and not…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

How To Update To The Latest Ubuntu 11.04 ISO Using zsync In Windows

If you already have a recent ISO of Ubuntu, you can update it to the latest ISO quickly using zsync. However, if you are stuck with Windows for some reason and need to update the ISO, you can download the new ISO using either the direct download or torrent. However, although zsync is not available…

 How-To   Linux   Windows  

By Ricky

Windows 8 To Have An App Store [Leaked Screenshots]

Applications in the Windows 8 "App Store"

Rumors about a Windows 8 app store has been doing rounds of the web for quite some time. But now it looks like all these rumors were not true and Windows 8 and in fact Windows 7 too will have an App Store soon. You can see clearly from the screenshots below that the App…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

Humble Bundle #3 – Get 5 Games At Any Price You Want To Pay

After the huge success in its first two editions, the third edition of the Humble Bundle is coming later today. This version of the Humble Bundle – called the Humble Forzenbyte Bundle – consists of five games from Finnish developers Frozenbyte. The five games included in the bundle are Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds Survivor, Jack Claw…

 Gaming   News  

By Ricky

Windows 8: Built-in PDF Reader, Immersive UI & Platform Independent Apps

Windows 8 Modern Reader

A few days back we showed you some leaked screenshots of the Windows 8 Welcome Screen and the Windows Explorer. Now, some more details about the features of Windows 8 have surfaced on the web. If you remember, we had told you that Windows 8 might have the Metro UI from Windows Phone 7. Immersive…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

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