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Windows Runs On 87 Percent Corporate PCs

By Debjit on June 21st, 2011 

In a report that was published recently by Forrester Research, the percentage share of various Operating Systems corporate organisations were revealed. One quick look at the accompanying Graphs with the report reflects the extent of penetration of the Windows operating system in the market. Windows 7 is installed in nearly 21% of corporate PCs while Apple's Mac OS accounts for only 11%.



The total share of Windows constitutes 87.6 % which is much higher than Mac and Linux OS. The reason for these are mainly:


  • History of windows
  • Awareness: Users know about Windows functions very well.
  • Large number of easy-to-use Applications available freely for Windows.
  • Windows ships with almost all laptops, pre-installed.
  • Windows 7 has received good response from IT people.
  • Windows XP is still considered to be stable and one of the best variants of Windows operating systems.


One can observe the decrease of windows XP from 67% to 59% reflecting the corporates are upgrading their hardware and software continuously. Also, for latest PCs, Windows 7 OS has a even higher percentage share of about 31%. Windows Vista percentage is decreasing gradually due to the obvious fact that it was not well-received by users and is being upgraded to Windows 7 in many organisations.


The share of Apple Mac OS increased by about 2 % over a year whereas Linux got a nearly constant percentage of 1-1.8%, which is used mainly by Linux fans and Network administrators.


Windows Runs On 87 Percent Corporate PCs was originally published on on June 20, 2011 - 1:33 pm (Indian Standard Time)