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[Windows Tip] Increase Your Productivity By Avoiding Apps That Waste Your Time

Personal Activity Monitor

Worried with your productivity at work reducing day after day? Spending lot of time on useless applications on your computer? Stop worrying. Here is an application, titled Personal Activity Monitor that will help you monitor your daily usage duration of various applications on your computer and thus you can keep a check on the use…


By Zenobia

Windows 8 Welcome Screen And Windows Explorer Screenshots Leaked

UPDATE: Windows 8 UI named Immersive and will have built in PDF reader and support for cross platform applications. Some screenshots of the successor to Windows 7 – Windows 8 – has been leaked earlier this week. According to the leaked screen shots, it looks the welcome screen has been heavily inflienced by Metro UI,…

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By Ricky

Mozilla Firefox 4 [Final Version] Is Here

Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 has been released! The download files for this final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 have started appearing in the FTP software repositories of Mozilla. If you have been waiting long for checking out this all new browser from Mozilla, then your wait ends here. You might want to go through our brief…

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By Debjit

How To Install Google Chrome From Dev or Beta Channel?

Google Chrome New Logo

If you are an advanced user, then you might want to try the new features of your favorite Google Chrome browser before those features make it to the stable final release. All you need to do is just install the Developer’s version or the Beta Version of Google Chrome which contains all latest changes. Read:…

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By Zenobia

How To Send A Video Message To Friends Using Windows Live Messenger?

How To Send A Video Message To Friends Using Windows Live Messenger?

Windows Live Messenger has a neat feature using which you can send short video messages to your friends just as you would send a short text message. The video messages are 30 seconds in length and can be recorded any number of times before you send them across to your friends. In this article we…

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By Debjit

Internet Explorer 9 Released – Download Now

After months of beta testing, Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 9 today. Internet Explorer 9 is a huge achievement for Microsoft as it represents Microsoft’s intention to provide timely updates and fast development of its browser while supporting the latest web standards. Internet Explorer 9 represents a very big leap from the earlier releases in terms of both…

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By Ricky

IIS Tuner: Best Optimisation Tweaks For Microsoft IIS Server

In this article we will tell you about a tool called IIS Tuner which automatically configures your IIS server installation for optimum performance for both the server and ASP.NET applications that you may run on your IIS server. IIS Tuner takes care of all the optimisation needs so that you can pay all your attention on application development.

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By Debjit

Azure Comapnion: Install Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, phpBB & phpMyAdmin On Windows Azure

Windows Azure Logo

Windows Azure is a Cloud computing service from Microsoft. Although Microsoft has not been a keen supporter of free and open source technologies but it’s Windows Azure cloud hosting platform is capable of hosting PHP based web applications using the PHP Interopbridge. This means you can get all the Open source goodness of Drupal, Joomla,…

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By Debjit

Splashtop OS Is An Instant-On OS Which Co-Exists With WIndows

Splashtop OS is a light-weight linux based operating system from Splashtop Inc. Splashtop OS is generally installed along with Windows. This means that when users wants to just browse the internet, chat or listen to music they do not have to wait for Windows to start – instead they can get to Splashtop OS instantly…

 Linux   News   Windows 7  

By Ricky

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