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How to use Google Talk as a feed reader with real time RSS feed updates

By Debjit on November 10th, 2009 

google talk rss feed readerGoogle Talk already has many bots that can help you simplify your work. Well in this article we will tell you about yet another chat bot that simply turns your Google Talk into a Feed Reader with real time RSS feed updates - i.e. the moment a feed is published you will be notified about it via a message from the bot.

All you need to convert your Google Talk into a real time RSS feed reader is add the bot: [email protected] to your Google Talk friend list. Now, in order to subscribe to a feed you can send this as a chat to PuSH Bot: /subscribe http://blog/feed.

add pushbot to google talk

For eg. to subscribe to Digitizor's feed all you need to do is send  /subscribe to pus-bot and you will get a notification that you have been added. PuSH bot is basically an app hosted at Google Appspot.

google talk feed reader real time updates

Here are some more options that you can use with PuSH bot to manage your subscriptions and add or remove more subscriptions:

Subscribe to a new feed: /subscribe URL

Show current subscriptions: /list-subscriptions

Unsubscribe from one particular feed: /unsubscribe URL

Unsubscribe from all feeds: /unsubscribe-all

Import feeds from a OPML file located online: /opml-import URL

Get more command options and help: /help

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How to use Google Talk as a feed reader with real time RSS feed updates was originally published on on November 10, 2009 - 3:28 am (Indian Standard Time)