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7 Amazing Sci-Fi Themes For Windows 7

By Debjit on June 7th, 2011 

Make your Windows 7 PC a window into the future with these science fiction themepacks. We below present you 7 sci-fi themes for your Windows 7. Gear up to jump in the sci-fi world.

1. GreenTech -

If you love sharp vibrant green color and want to get a kick of uniqueness, its for you.

Download the GreenTech Theme.

2. Inception Movie Theme -

Did you enjoy the mind-boggling 2010 movie Inception? Then load up this theme pack and enjoy trippy images based on this film.

Download the Inception Movie Theme !

3. Winter By Space -

If you want to get a soothing and calm winter feeling, then use this theme. Peep into the Winter's space.

Download Winter By Space theme!

4. Space and Planets -

This theme has a superb combination of soft visuals and colors. There are 15 beautiful full HD space wallpapers. Check out the theme.

Download Space and Planets Theme.

5. Will Destroy For Food -

This theme is simple but very beautiful. Get a glimpse of this extraterrestrial life.


Download Will Destroy For Food theme.

6. Earth From Beyond -

Visualize empty regions of the universe outside the atmospheres of celestial bodies with this theme.

Download Earth From Beyond theme.

7. Starcraft Theme -

The themepack consists of 20+ HQ wallpapers, custom Starcraft icons and select game sounds. This much is enough to blow your mind off.


Download the Starcraft theme.

We will coming up regularly with such theme-based articles to give you taste of different classes of themes.


7 Amazing Sci-Fi Themes For Windows 7 was originally published on on June 7, 2011 - 9:49 am (Indian Standard Time)